Your Next Music Video Will Turn Viewers Into Fans

Create compelling, professional-looking music videos, even if all you have is a smartphone and a computer.

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Dear friend, if you wanna create incredible visuals for your MUSIC, and surf the powerful wave of social media promotion 

without going immediately BROKE, this is the most exciting message you'll ever read.

But before moving forward, a few reasons why you SHOULD NOT buy this course...

If You Have Enough Money To Invest In A Film Production Company

When I say enough money I mean A LOT of money.

A single decent music video costs an average of $5K-10K and in order to stay relevant on social media you need lots of those.

So you need to account for several music videos and content every year for this to work. But if you do have the money to do so, it won’t hurt to have professionals create the visuals for you.

Even then, the course would help you communicate with the crew and know exactly what’s going on.

If You Won't Put Time And Effort Into The Course

You’d be surprised of how many people won’t get through the courses they buy on the internet.

Seriously, here you’ll find information capable of skyrocketing your career and opening a whole new skillset for you, but none of it will work if you don’t get through the course and get the work done.

So if you think you’re one of those people, do us both a favor and don’t buy this course. But if you are an art driven, hard working musician who knows it's 100% on you to create the career of your dreams, this is for you.

Now that this is out of the way and I have a clear conscience, here's exactly what you're getting:

Introducing the DIY Music Video Workshop


First of all, this is dramatically different from every course you’ve ever taken. There’s no fluff or filler - just upfront techniques on how to improve your videos, based on over 10 years of expertise in the film industry. 

Plus, it’s easy to understand. Complexity was a huge turn off for me when I went to film school and I’m traumatized by it.

Made up of a little over 60 lessons, you can literally get through this course within a few days, and you’ll be able to immediately start using the very same techniques that I charge over $3,000 to use for a single day shoot.

It's Really Way More Than Just A Regular Course


We created the DIY Music Video as a field guide so you can shoot great quality music videos, social media videos, performances, without second guessing what and how you should film.

The material is split into simple and concise categories so you can go straight to the subject you're looking for. 

It really has all the fundamental stuff you need to get started. Film schools should sue me for that. I just got years worth of information and experience, and organized it into a direct, no B.S. step-by-step process. For a tiny fraction of the price.

Here are some of the things you’ll be learning:

  • The 5 Main Types of Music Videos… and why learning how to create them can put you in a position of advantage in relation to 99% of the musicians and content creators out there.
  • How to come up with a creative idea for your video, and skip the only “sit and play” approach.
  • Saying goodbye to repetitive, non-engaging and boring content.
  • How to leverage time and create videos in a faster way.
  • The relation between SOUND and IMAGE.
  • Recording Live vs Overdubbing.
  • The 2 Main Types of Shots, and how to use them to create dynamic videos.
  • The “Secret” Trick used by Pros to get several camera angles, even if you only have 1 camera.
  • The Main Types of Gear you should get, and what to buy for different budget options.
  • The better the camera, the better the video, right? WRONG! How to create awesome videos even if you don’t have a great camera.
  • The Three Pillars of Cinematography, the only 3 things that differentiate a good video from a bad one, and how to use them in your favor.
  • Why lighting is one the most important aspects in filmmaking, and how to use it to create cinematic videos.
  • Cool and Weird lighting techniques.
  • How to shoot even if you have no lights at all.
  • When shooting outdoors might be a good option, and how to make the most out of it.
  • Weird Terms Made Easy, the necessary technical stuff no one wants to hear about, in an easy to understand way.
  • 6 Types of camera angles that will immerse the audience into your video.
  • The Simple Mistakes you are making that are stopping you from creating good videos (or creating any videos at all).
  • Create hip camera movements with tripods, sliders, drones, handheld and gimbals with or without an operator.
  • Transferring your footage to the computer, and why this is a crucial step.
  • The fundamentals of editing, and how it can improve your videos.
  • How to make the editing process smooth and painless even before cutting your footage.
  • 6 Pro Tips for editing shortcuts that will save you a lot of editing time.

Yes, this is A LOT of valuable information on how to instantly improve your videos, BUT, it’s not ALL we’re offering.

{Impersonating Infomercial Voice}


If you take this course before closing this page you will ALSO get… (this is not a joke)

FREE BONUS #1: Mobile Music Video Tutorial ($79) - $0

How to turn your smartphone or tablet into a high-end cinema camera and make your videos pop out.

There you'll learn how to:

  • Optimize the native settings of your phone or tablet to improve your videos.
  • How to use third-party apps to turn your phone or tablet into a professional camera.
  • The best accessories and tools to create cinematic movements and images.

FREE BONUS #2: Editing on Final Cut Pro X ($149) - $0

A series of 8 video lessons on how to edit with one of the best editing softwares of all times. Final Cut Pro X.

There you'll learn how to:

  • Navigate the software
  • Use tools and editing techniques.
  • Create libraries, events and projects.
  • Create effects and transitions
  • Create graphics and subtitles.
  • Export your project.

FREE BONUS #3: Gear Recommendation List ($49) - $0

A list of the best gear in the market for different budgets, and what to consider when buying them. 

There you'll find:

  • Our gear purchase criteria.
  • Recommendations on Cameras, Lenses, Lighting, Sound, Movement and more.
  • Direct links for the products.

FREE BONUS #4: Color Grading Like A Pro ($79) - $0

How to color grade your footage so it gains personality and catches the eyes and emotion of your viewer.

There you'll learn about:

  • Why and How to color grade.
  • The 5 color grade concepts.
  • Best color grading apps and software.

FREE BONUS #5: Social Media Success ($79) - $0

The most crucial techniques to turn your social media from a ghost town, into a popular busy place that people love to visit.

There you'll learn about:

  • Social Media Ideal Formats
  • Optimizing Hashtags and Tags
  • Creating Strong Thumbnails
  • Writing Killer Headlines

The course at its regular price ($399) plus all of the bonuses ($435) would come out to $834, but right now, you'll have EVERYTHING for... $99

Get It Now For $99

Yup, thas right. This is a hell of a bargain and both of us know it. For this price you could barely get a few accessories and a decent instrument cable at guitar center, and you’re getting a skillset you can never “unlearn”.


Once you have access to these concepts you’ll be able to make a significant change in your career.

Okay, that’s enough perks for one offer, correct?

Nope, there’s one more.


I'm Giving You A Non-Sense Guarantee

As if I hadn’t given you enough reasons to get this thing, I’m also taking all the “risk” in your purchase. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love what you get, I’ll give you a 30-day money back guarantee. 30 days is enough time for you to get through this entire course a few times, memorize it and teach it to your kids. So plenty of time for you to decide if you like it right?

Honestly though, I create these courses first and foremost because I genuinely think they can make an impact in your life and in your career.


If it doesn’t, I don’t want your money. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll refund you right away.

But here's the "catch". This offer is obviously too good to be true, so we have LIMITED availability and you won't find it ANYWHERE else for the same price.  So you either:


1. Walk away (no hard feelings) or...

2. Get this thing and start applying the concepts right away !

Get It Now For $99

Finally, if you’re one of those people who jump straight to the end of the page, shame on you! (I do it all the time 😬 ) , then here’s a summary of everything I just said:

The DIY Music Video is a complete filmmaking course for musicians which includes:

  • Over 60 lessons on how to create, film and edit professional-looking music videos in an easy and intuitive way.
  • Not only music videos, but social media videos, music docs, performances and more. Which will boost your online presence and engagement.
  • The Main Types of shots and how to use them to create dynamic in your video.
  • Shooting great quality videos even if you don't have a fancy camera.
  • Lighting techniques.
  • Weird Terms Made Easy 
  • What gear you should get.
  • Different camera angles and movements.
  • The fundamentals of editing and fastening your workflow.
  • Pro tips for editing shortcuts. 
  • 100% Online and Accessible from any device.

[Value $399]


As Bonuses You're Getting:

  • FREE BONUS #1: Mobile Music Video Tutorial - How to turn your smartphone or tablet into a high-end cinema camera and make your videos pop out.

[Value $79]

  • FREE BONUS #2: Editing on Final Cut Pro X - A series of 8 video lessons on how to edit with one of the best editing softwares of all times. Final Cut Pro X.

[Value $149]

  • FREE BONUS #3: Gear Recommendation List - A list of the best gear in the market for different budgets, and what to consider when buying them.

[Value $49]

  • FREE BONUS #4: Color Grading Like A Pro - How to color grade your footage so it gains personality and catches the eyes and emotion of your viewer.

[Value $79]

  • FREE BONUS #5: Social Media Success - The most crucial techniques to turn your social media from a ghost town, into a popular place everyone loves to visit.

[Value $79]

The Entire Package Would Normally Cost $834

Today You're Taking All Of That For $99

And If For Any Reason You Don't LOVE It, We'll Refund You In up To 30 Days of Purchase.

Buy It Now